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Community Arts Access Grant Application (DOC)
Community Arts Access Grant Application (PDF)

TRAC CAA Website Application (PDF)
TRAC CAA Website Application (DOC)

Credit Statement & Logos for IAC, NEA and TRAC

Illinois Arts Council – www.state.il.us/agency/iac

GrantStation - http://www.grantstation.com

Western Illinois University – www.wiu.edu

Spoon River College – www.spoonrivercollege.net

State of Illinois Web Site – www.state.il.us/

Illinois Historic Preservation Agency – www.prairie.org

Arts Alliance – www.artsalliance.org/local.shtml

Arts Alliance Directory – www.artsalliance.org/lac_directory.shtml

The Illinois Theatre Association - www.iltheassoc.org/comcal.htm

Jazz in West Central Illinois - http://www.myspace.com/jazzinwestcentralillinois




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